Do you want one-on-one support for your reader?

Targeted instruction on exactly what your child needs

Is your child struggling with reading?

Do you want targeted instruction on exactly what your child needs?

What will be better?

Tutoring services include a full assessment to determine the needs of your child, books on their reading level, and a toolbox of supplies to use as we work together over Zoom for 4 hours over 4 weeks.

How will life + business change?

Full reading assessment: I will assess reading, spelling, and writing. This complete reading assessment will be discussed with you before making a tutoring plan.

While tests can tell us a lot, but you know your child best! We will have open communication for the time we work together.

And before you know it, more benefits

You will receive a toolbox in the mail of everything your child will need for the month. 4 different leveled texts, printables, a black Flair pen, slinkies, sparkles, (you think I’m kidding!) and more! Each tool has a special purpose and we will use them all within our time together.

You will also have access to me, your personal reading consultant, to ask questions and I will provide you with resources that your child may benefit from. Consider me your child’s personal reading teacher- we’ll cover only the skills that they need to master in order to move up in those reading levels!

Meet Your Personal Reading Consultant

I’m Kim Creigh, a reading specialist and mom of 3. My first job out of college was teaching fourth grade. I had many struggling readers in my class and I was always researching ways to help them in my classroom.

I realized I had not learned how to teach my students how to read in college!

I took matters into my own hands and started taking classes at the University of Virginia. Every class I want to, I learned a new strategy and applied it in my (now) third-grade classroom. This was the year I taught a little boy in my class how to read. He came to me reading on a DRA level 4 and left my third-grade classroom reading on a level 28. Not quite up to benchmark, but much closer than he started!

Research-based reading instruction works. There is a science to reading that somehow we don’t always teach our kids. I know the research. I know what works. Does your child struggle with reading? Let’s chat and make a plan together to help!

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The investment for tutoring services is $500 for the 4 sessions.

Click the button below to apply. There are very limited spots available and I will contact you once I receive your application.

See what other moms are saying!

Praise for Creative Reading Adventures

"We decided to seek out Kim’s help for our reluctant 7-year-old reader. After 2 months of working with her, we have seen a huge change in his desire to read and his reading ability. We often find him sitting reading alone now and he often reads signs out loud in the environment which is different than before Kim was working with him. He said that his favorite thing about working with Kim is that “they read fun books.” He looks forward to their meetings. Kim communicates after each session about what they worked on, things to continue working on, and his progress. I feel like I have a much better sense of him as a reader due to her expertise. I highly recommend her!"

"Thanks so much for your thorough assessment. I can’t believe you noticed all the things he needs to work on by reading with him for such a short amount of time! "

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for this amazing report! It’s so complete and will help so much! I read and printed it yesterday. All of what you observed matches my concerns and the thing I have been seeing. It’s great to have a plan to help her move past it!"

"He is excited about the books on your list. We did google some so he could know about them and see what he wanted to start with. He did ask if he was going to get to talk to you again :)"

Limited Spots Available

I'm a mom of three who runs an active reading consulting business

Due to my busy schedule juggling business and family, spots for virtual tutoring are truly very limited.

If you know that you want to explore working with me to cultivate a love of reading with your child then don't delay! Apply now.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work over Zoom?

I will send a recurring Zoom meeting for the month over to you. I will email a reminder with the Zoom link to you the night before our session along with anything you may need to print. (I try to plan and print for the month and send it in your tutoring toolbox, but sometimes I need to add or change my plans based on your child’s needs). You’ll need to make sure your child is on Zoom during our scheduled time and has access to the tutoring toolbox.

Do I need to sit next to my child while you tutor?

You can, but you don’t have to! If you need that hour, take it! I will send a detailed email with what was covered and what you can practice with your child after our session together. If you want to listen in, you are more than welcome to, but honestly, I will keep your child engaged during our time together. I do ask you are available for “tech support” if necessary!

Don’t you need to be sitting next to my child to help them learn to read?

Prior to 2020, I would have said “yes!” to this question. I have developed a system in which virtual tutoring works. I am able to develop activities based on what your child needs that we can do virtually, but there is also a large component of actual writing and manipulating of different tools (i.e. magnet letters). I can share my screen for different activities and we also both have a copy of the actual text.