Are you ready to unwrap the joy of reading as a family?

You’re tired of fighting with your kids to read.

There are SO many children’s books to choose from. It’s overwhelming.

How do you pick the right book? I truly agree with J.K. Rowling when she says, “If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book.” Let’s match your child with a great chapter book they will love, especially with the scavenger-hunt feel to it!

Bonding with Books Box

for 5-7 year-olds

Bonding with Books Box

for 7-10 year-olds

Imagine your child begging you to read the next chapter of the book!

  • Read an engaging book together as a family
  • Captivate your child through reading aloud and fun activities
  • Build a family reading tradition

Introducing… Bonding with Books!

A reading activity box for the whole family

It's time to unwrap the joy of reading as a family.

Here’s How Bonding with Books is different from your typical book subscription box:

  • Small gifts or tokens that you’ll uncover scavenger hunt-style to excite your child about the book
  • Family activities to do together to engage your child with the book
  • Chapter book vetted by me, your personal reading consultant, to ensure this book will appeal to your child

How does it work?

  • Open the book & read aloud until you come across a Post-It marking an activity or gift to open.

This keeps your child engaged and excited to keep reading aloud!

  • The gifts and activities are numbered so it’s clear what to open in your Bonding with Books box.

This is meant to be read aloud as a family so there’s no skipping ahead to open the small gifts! The small tokens and activities were specifically curated to be opened when you land on that particular page.

  • You can choose to continue to read aloud while your child does the activity or stop and do it all together!

Some activities are easy to do while mom or dad continues to read aloud. Others you may want to stop and take a break to complete together. These activities allow your child to experience the connection with the book!

Are you ready to stop fighting and start reading together?

The cost for your family reading activity box is $40.

Who is the curator of Bonding with Books?!

Hi! I'm Kim. I knew from a young age that reading was my passion and wanted to pass along my love of reading to others. This led me to begin my career as an elementary school teacher and obtain my Masters of Education in Reading from the University of Virginia.

Current reading research shows that one of the biggest predictors of reading success is an enjoyment of reading in school-aged children.

What better way to enjoy reading than with your favorite people searching for activities and small gifts together?! I developed Bonding with Books to foster that love of reading together and get your kids excited and begging to finish the book!

I am SO excited to offer these family read-aloud boxes this holiday season. I can’t wait to hear about all of your reading!

Who is this for?

Families with children ages 7 through 10.

Your kids can comprehend, or understand, stories on a much higher reading level than what they can read independently. The chapter book chosen is on a higher reading level, and meant for your child to listen to you read it aloud.

Parents who want to read aloud and connect with their kids through books.

While this book is on a higher reading level, it’s main characters include a dog, squirrel, hermit crab, and bat. The story is heartwarming and perfect for both younger and older readers. The book is meant to be read aloud, not independently, even if you have a higher reader!

Families who want to grow a love of reading within their home.

The activities and small tokens are perfect for engaging your child with a book and making it come to life! The connections your children will make to the book AND to each family member are priceless.

If you’ve made it this far, it’s time to take a scavenger hunt through a great book, and purchase this for your family.

Now’s the perfect time to connect through a book and take a family adventure!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

My child is a great reader. Can I get Bonding with Books as a gift just for them to read by themselves?

This was truly designed to be a reading activity box for the whole family. The “gifts” are simply small reminders of what is happening in the book. They are meant to lead to discussion. If your older child can read the book independently, they can help read aloud sections of the book to the family!

Can my 4-year-old participate in the family read aloud?

Of course! These books were specifically chosen to appeal to a range of all ages.

What if my child doesn’t like the book?

I truly think this is one of those books where this isn’t possible! The scavenger-hunt through the book is meant to engage them with you and the book to help encourage those reluctant readers.

Do I need to order 2 Bonding with Books boxes if I have 2 kids?

No! The whole point is to do these activities as a family. The small gifts are meant to be reminders of what was in the book. You can alternate who gets to open the family activity envelope or the gifts on each page.

If you’re saying, “I’m ready, Kim, to take a family adventure with this book!

Then order your Bonding with Books box by clicking the yellow button below.


Frequently Asked Questions:


The books I will be choosing for this book club are based on typical reading levels in second, third, and fourth grades. We will be increasing the difficulty of the texts as the year goes on. If your first grader is reading above grade level, they may be a good fit for the second grade book club. Please send me an email ( or send me a Facebook message to chat before you enroll!


Yes! Our first meeting we will preview the text. Please make sure your child has not read any part of the book for our first meeting (more details will be emailed when you enroll). I strategically break up the reading after that first book club time together. We will read sections of the book, working on fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary skill based on the book.


I do not send recordings of our book clubs due for privacy reasons of the kids in our club! That being said, I have had some members skip a week or two and still feel a part of our group. As long as they catch up on the reading, your child will have no problems jumping in the following week!

March Dates & Times:

Not sure which book club to sign up for? Send me an email ( or a Facebook message and we will decide together!

Tues. March 2nd 3:15pm EST

Tues. March 9th at 3:15pm EST

Tues. March 16th at 3:15pm EST

Tues. March 23rd at 3:15pm EST

Tues. March 2nd 4:00pm EST

Tues. March 9th at 4:00pm EST

Tues. March 16th at 4:00pm EST

Tues. March 23rd at 4:00pm EST

Thurs. March 4th 3:15pm EST

Thurs. March 11th at 3:15pm EST

Thurs. March 18th at 3:15pm EST

Thurs. March 25th at 3:15pm EST